G-d gave us the gift of life and He wants us to utilize this gift to the maximum. But do we?

There’s only one surefire method by which to gage if we are living life the way it should be lived.

Are we growing? Are we becoming better people? Are we becoming more spiritually aware?

The new book "Are You Growing?" (Feldheim, 2010, 394 pages) was written with the premise that we must always be growing people. We should never feel that we have finished growing and that we are ‘grown-ups,’ no matter how old we are. We must grow with passion throughout our lives.

  • Discover how you can actualize your true self
  • Learn to develop a real and personal relationship with G-d
  • Improve your level of prayer and Torah study
  • Make long and lasting friendships
  • All this and much more is explained beautifully and clearly in this exciting new book.

    "I am absolutely certain that all people who want to uplift themselves should read this book. Rabbi Boruch Leff is known to produce books of excellence."
    -Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky

    "It is written with wisdom and depth and I strongly recommend the book to be read by a very wide audience. . . Yedidi, Reb Boruch, in a great way, represents the soul and spirit of the values expressed in this wonderful book."
    -Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer

    "Rabbi Boruch Leff offers us another wonderful work leading his readers by the hand toward a real connection to G-d, to others, and to our true selves. I highly recommend this book."
    -Rabbi Berel Wein

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